By popular request, I finally have a picture of myself online.... Welcome to Krellan.Com.
This is the personal homepage of Josh Lehan.

I live in the Bay Area, with my boyfriend Eric.

Like many in the industry, I was recently laid off. I am looking for software engineering work.
Here is my résumé, and also a portfolio of work I have done in the past.


  • Dr. Demento! The reason radio was invented.
  • Splash Open Source Page — I made this while working at Splash. It contains Linux programming information, including patches we made to the Linux kernel and some user programs. The company has since been bought out by EFI.
  • My Double Pad Mod — instructions for modifying two dancepads to create a large sturdy dancefloor! This is for the Dance Dance Revolution game for PlayStation.
  • Another doctor I like — Doctor Who! I have made a conversion of the Doctor Who pinball machine for Visual Pinball.
  • Here are some old rants I wrote about topics that interest me — particularly computers, online audio, and civil liberties.
  • Lately, I have started keeping a blog! I often get a good brainstorm or other idea that I feel strongly about, and it feels good to write it out and get my feelings out for the world to see.

I used to maintain the Dr. Demento link above — for over 10 years, this page was one of the best sources to find Internet radio stations that play the show!

Click this address to email me: in_at_krellanSPAM_dot_com (spam-protected, please edit).
Apologies for having this email address as a graphic, and for having a link that requires manual editing. This had to be done, in order to protect the address from spammers using automated programs to gather email addresses from text.