The Graveyard

Each of the Dr. Demento stations that formerly broadcasted the show online, but no longer do, have been listed here.

There were 4 reasons:

There were zero stations streaming the Dr. Demento show until RealAudio popularized streaming around 1996-1997 or so. In late 2000, the number of simultaneous online Dr. Demento stations was at an all-time high: 20 stations! Now, unfortunately, it has since returned to zero. It was fun while it lasted, don't you think?

Station Buried Epitaph
KJEM 11/2000 Blocked by Clear Channel
KIKX 12/2000 Contract dispute with
WRZZ 1/2001 Online feed used to be very well-administered, sigh....
WRCK 1/2001 Quietly went AWOL
WXRG 3/2001 First to stop streaming because of then-just-announced RIAA fees
KEYN 4/2001 Blocked by Yahoo because of AFTRA
WMZK 4/2001 Stopped streaming because of AFTRA
KLDJ 8/2001 Quietly went AWOL
WLUP 12/2004 "Rising royalty costs and bandwidth charges have forced us to stop streaming..."
KOZZ 1/2006 Talonian "won't let us stream the show"
WIPS 1/2006 Quietly disappeared
KURE 2/2006 "Couldn't afford the rates to stream"
KLFX 2/2006 I'm guessing Clear Channel grew tired of Talonian's games?
WKTG 4/2006 Seems to have entirely stopped streaming online
KOZT 8/2006 Asked by Talonian "not to stream the show anymore"
WQMA 8/2006 Couldn't raise enough money to pay Talonian fees
WKIT 10/2006 A shame they canceled the show, this station was a favorite
KACV 2/2007 Yep, Talonian again
WTKW 3/2007 "...increases from 300 to 1200 percent... we have discontinued our internet streaming"
KYYS 4/2007 I miss KYYS, they were one of the very first stations to carry the show online
WOZZ 5/2007 Contract has expired
WBLM 5/2007 Was unpredictable to begin with, eventually gave up
WPYX 5/2007 Because WPYX kept streaming, Talonian kept "forgetting" to supply new shows to them
WLVQ 9/2007 Quietly dropped the show, probably at request of Talonian
KEGR 10/2007 Alt Forum Heroically kept playing old rerun shows even after Talonian quit sending them new ones
KRDE 10/2007 The final station! I agree wholeheartedly with the explanation on their page!

What's unusual is that during all this time, there were very few stations that actually canceled the show due to lack of listener demand. It was mostly due to corporate policy, format changes, inability to afford royalties needed for streaming, and so on. Before the Talonian situation, only 3 stations were known to have canceled the show on their own.

Station Confirmed
KQDI 9/2004
KPEZ 10/2004
WKLU 11/2004