New 75¢ And $1.00 Pricing Cards

For better or for worse, I have photoshopped Stern's normal pricing cards to be more "inflation-friendly"....

These are four new pricing cards, for use with custom settings.

The prices:

Because I don't have access to Stern's original vector files that were used to create the pricing cards on Stern's website, I simply opened Acrobat Reader at maximum screen resolution and took a screenshot, thus capturing a bitmap image file. I worked on the results from that, and it turned out surprisingly good!

$1.00 Pricing Cards 75¢ Pricing Cards Here are the files, below and to the right. They are scaled down here for ease of display (full-size versions are available for download below). I also now have PDF files, for easy printing, thanks to the excellent PDFCreator!

Here are download links:

For the most reliable saving, please right-click on the above files you want, and save them to disk. Then, open the images in a paint program, or the PDF files in Acrobat Reader.

If printing from the images, set the image resolution to 215 DPI (dots per inch), for proper printing size.

It is also important to turn off any auto-scaling or auto-sizing features in programs or printer drivers (it is OK to leave auto-centering turned on). It should print on one page, almost exactly the same size as real Stern pricing cards! Feel free to use them in your games.

I have added text to the bottom of the images, that explains how to set your games for these prices. Thanks to Keith Johnson for supplying this information.

The overall design and layout for these pricing cards is © 2002 Stern Pinball, Inc. Consider my modifications to these pricing cards to be public domain. If Stern were to officially publish pricing cards with these prices, and add them as standard (not custom) game settings, that would be sweet!

Josh Lehan - 3/25/2004 ($1.00 cards and PDF files added 1/2/2005)