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These files were formerly hosted at various pinball emulation sites that have came and gone over time (most notably the old Shivasite).

This is now the "official" page for these files. Mirrors are welcome! This site is rather slow, so mirroring these files would be a great help. Please email me (address below) if you set up a mirror! Thanks.

My first table for Visual Pinball, was a success, and I'm quite proud of it. My favorite pinball machine of all time:

Doctor Who!!

Version 1.2 — 9/28/2001
© 1992 Bally

You have to activate your console, too!   (2,676,452 bytes)

The above ZIP file contains two VPT tables, one for slow computers and another for fast computers. There is also a README file included — please read it for more information.

Have fun shooting Daleks....

Doctor Who Revisited

Version 4.1 — 6/14/2003
© 1992 Bally

You have to activate your console, too!   (2,470,955 bytes)

It turns out my Doctor Who table was quite popular, but not without its flaws. It played 100%, but the graphics were not very good. There were many cosmetic flaws, such as missing artwork and misaligned lights. The reason was that I worked from a schematic diagram that did not line up exactly with the flyer artwork (my original source for the playfield graphics). I prefer the game to play accurately and flow smoothly, so I did not compromise the layout to match up with the artwork.

Fortunately, there are many others with far better graphics talent than myself. Various modifications were done on the table, by various authors (Nicky Special and others). Kid Charlemagne released a table as version 3.0. PacDude has now released the best version yet, as version 4.1! I declare this new version to be the latest official release, an "authorized" modification (for those who care about such things), and am hosting it here. Mirrors are welcome! If you have more bandwidth, please host this file and let me know.


Version 1.2 — 3/16/2004
© 1980 Stern

Now for some real "Galaxy Class Pinball"! This classic old Stern game is another of my all-time favorites. It's simple and yet very fun to play. Very satisfying shots. Why wait for New Horizons when all you need to do to reach Pluto is slam those drop targets?

It's NEW!

With the recent NASA announcement of Sedna (and Quaoar earlier), it got me thinking about this game, and I have revisited it enough to add a proper DIP switch settings menu (from Inkochnito's collection of DIP switch settings scripts).   (1,291,236 bytes)

I only created the script for this table and adapted it for VPinMAME. Layout and graphics for this table were originally created by Germax.


Version 1.2 — 4/4/2003
© 1994 Sega

Enough said. This game would look great next to Dracula in any gameroom. I love dark-themed pinball games such as this. The artwork is just incredible on this game. In Visual Pinball, I tried to preserve as much of it as possible. For graphics and overall polish, this game is the one I am most proud of.   (1,327,295 bytes)

Play it full screen at 1600x1200 and enjoy!

Please go easy when getting these files. They are hosted on my personal DSL line, which is very slow at uploading.

If you have trouble getting set up to play these pinball games, you're not alone. It's complicated, but well worth it. The forum site vpforums.ORG has great help. There are also many other pinball tables there for you to enjoy.

These files are provided for your personal enjoyment and to help preserve these classic pinball machines. The artwork and other details within these files are copyrighted by the original manufacturers, as noted above. I only ported the games to Visual Pinball, and do not claim any rights to them. You may distribute these files, but please do not release a modified version without telling me first, and of course never sell these for profit. If you are a legitimate copyright holder of a pinball machine on this page, and want me to remove its files, please let me know and this will be done.

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