The dhcpcd program is a DHCP client by PhysTech. We use a version of this program that has been modified by Olicom, and has been further modified by us.

Files needed:

Optional files:

Note that Olicom is effectively out of business with respect to network hardware. If their support archive becomes unavailable in the future, you can recreate their version of dhcpcd by downloading the two optional files above.

We use a modified version 1.3.17-pl2 of dhcpcd. This version is rather old, and is no longer available from the PhysTech download site. Note that Red Hat 6.0 may also include a RPM package dhcpcd-1.3.17pl2-1 that is installed — please remove this RPM package, as it conflicts with our version.


Note that this version of dhcpcd has only been tested in conjunction with our ifup script.

Changes made:

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