This is a patch to the /sbin/ifup file. It is from Red Hat 6.0 (Hedwig). It has not been tested with any other versions of Red Hat.

Files needed:

Installation is simple. Simply uncompress the patchfile splashifup.patch, change to directory /sbin, and apply the patchfile to ifup:

patch < splashifup.patch

The next time you reboot, or restart your interfaces, the changed script will take effect. Please read the section below, so you will know what changes have been made, to avoid any surprises!

I am assuming that you are familiar with the Red Hat boot sequence with respect to network cards, and that you know about the various Red Hat network configuration files. I am also assuming that you know the basics of how DHCP works.

You will also need to arrange things as follows (read below for explanation):

New features:

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